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Coaching for
Mind, Body & Spirit

Akiliflow provides culturally-centered coaching and courses with tools designed to help you tackle your work and your life.

It's time you gained balance to achieve the peace and clarity needed to reach your goals!

Akili (Swahili = the mind)

  • the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought

  • a person's intellect

  • a person's attention


  • the action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream

  • a steady, continuous stream of something

  • the gradual permanent process of change, without melting

If you are not getting what you want out of life, perhaps it's time for a change. But what should you change, you may ask? When some people think of change, they talk about a vacation, a new job, or a new location. Perhaps those are some external things that you might consider. 
But if you really want to change, you have to change from the inside. 

What is
Life Coaching

You have probably heard about life coaching from your friends or business associates. Perhaps you've known someone who went through the process with an online life coach or visited a real-time seminar in the real world to get some ideas on what could help.

Many years ago, a guy named Steve Jobs, the now-deceased founder of Apple, went to India when he felt lost and didn't know what he wanted to do. He said later he found his purpose there and knew that he had to make the most of time in his journey through life.

True positive and affirmative life coaching has a spiritual element to it, the kind that changes you from within and inspires you to find new direction and purpose in your life. It can be something as simple as directing your mind to be more focused, discovering meditation and mindfulness, or undergoing a career change in some cases. But whatever it is, it has to start from within. Even if you change jobs, move, or take a vacation, you are not guaranteed to find the changes you need to be happier or more fulfilled.

Based in the Ellenwood, GA area, your life coach is just a few miles away. Demetrius Irick works with clients in the real world as well as being a successful online life coach. He works with a company known as Akiliflow, and they specialize in helping you find the best path to your most affirmative and happy life road.

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"God gave you an incredible gift to develop the talent of those around you. You embodied the ability to bring my individual talents into order for my success."

- Testimonial from Gabrielle S.

Akiliflow's Transformational Coaching is right for you if...

✔  You work or live in a high-stress environment;  you deal with others who lack the same drive and motivation as you have.

✔  Your life requires sacrifice and commitment, even alienation of people.  As such, you find it hard or impossible to balance family, friends and career.


✔  You want to consistently set and achieve goals.

✔   You want to minimize stress and develop healthy ways to attack stressful days.

✔   You want to stop procrastinating and remove self-imposed limitations to take MASSIVE action.


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Meet Demetrius

Certified Life Coach Demetrius Irick
Life Coach & Nurse Karen Evans

I'm Demetrius Irick, Co-Founder of Akiliflow, Certified Executive Life Coach, Meditation Coach, and Author.  I have an established track record of helping executives build solid management teams and businesses.


Along with Meditation and Kemetic Yoga, I bring proven methodologies and tools to help you attack anxiety & stress.  You'll gain healthy accountability, focus, and the insight you need to realize the results you deserve.

I'm Karen Evans, Co-Founder of Akiliflow, Registered Nurse, Coach, and leader in the healthcare industry.  I look forward to helping you reach your life and health goals.

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