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10 ways to form good study habits

It is important for any student to form good study habits, especially by the time they reach high school and are preparing for college. Good study habits need to be started in middle school. So when the child reaches college they are not suddenly overwhelmed by all the homework and projects they have to turn in.

Use the following tips to help your child create good study habits that will help them their entire life.

1. Make use of a daily planner. This will remind the student of what they have to do that day. Daily planners are easy to carry around and it is now possible to download planners as Apps for use on any mobile device.

2. Use study guides when possible. These guides are usually summarized versions of books that highlight the main principles and points. They are handy reference guides that can help prepare a student for new topics and classes quickly.

3. Help them change their mindset so they accept that studying will now become part of their daily routine.

4. Create a homework schedule inside the daily planner. It can help to write out their schedule for the entire week at one time. Then just go back and add in things as they come up.

5. Pack up school bags and books the night before. Preparing in advance means they will be less likely to leave any important documents behind.

6. Use a separate folder for each subject or class at school. This helps them become more organized and it helps them find material quickly. Plus it means they won’t lose their homework and get a lower grade.

7. Make sure your child gets to bed early enough. Students often have a busy social life, but they still need between 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night. Getting enough sleep will help increase their concentration levels.

8. Eat a good breakfast. At the very least prepare a shake or a protein bar for your child. Their body needs fuel to keep them going all day. Not eating breakfast will leave them feeling weak and tired before lunchtime even hits.

9. Develop good note-taking skills. Sometimes there is a lot of material to cover in class and the teacher over-delivers with massive amounts of content. Being able to condense all of this information will help them save time later on when writing up essays.

10. Joining study groups can also be really helpful. It is a great way to ask questions and to make a boring topic more manageable.

All of the above points provide any student with tools and resources that will not only help in school but later on in life too.


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