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Dear friends, 

I want your mind. I have incredibly advanced technology that I can use to control your mind. I have cellphones that will always listen to you. I have internet tracking so I know what sites you’ve been on. I have satellite GPS monitoring so I always know where you are. And I have advanced Artificial Intelligence that can interpret your every move. With all this, I can control your mind. Would you like to give me your mind? No? Then why in the hell do we all keep handing over the keys to our minds? Why do we let Amazon, Apple, Google, the government, and those in power track our every move, show us ads based on things they heard us say in private conversations, record our personal interests and our political leanings, all so they can control us? We need to protect our minds. And I am about to show you how.

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How To Take Back Your Mind  Here’s a scary thought: Every single thing you experience in your life has an effect on your mind. That wouldn’t be a problem if we were only exposed to pure and wholesome things like nature. But sadly, the vast majority of information that enters our minds comes from the media. For instance, the average person sees approximately 7000 adverts every day, according to the experts. That’s before you even take into account social media, the news, and all the other forms of media that you’re exposed to. Put simply: your mind is not your own. It is controlled by external influences. And I want to change that. Sure, I could just suggest that you quit TV (and God knows the benefits of quitting TV are huge!) But it goes beyond that.   The only way to take back your mind is to control what goes into your mind in the first place. You need to ask: What influences are you exposing your mind to, and what effect is that having on you? (Arguably the best way to do this is to start to practice meditation so you gain more control over the influences in your mind). Your mind is the most valuable thing you have, and it is shaped by the things that you are consciously aware of. That’s why your consciousness is your number one commodity.   And you need to learn how to use your consciousness effectively. 

Your consciousness is a commodity  You need to value your consciousness. Because everything that enters your consciousness influences you. The big corporations know that. That’s why they constantly demand that your conscious awareness be placed on them. Sadly, most people don’t understand the value of their own consciousness. Your consciousness is the key to controlling your mind. And that makes it arguably the single most valuable commodity on the planet. That’s why, starting today, I’d like you to change your attitude towards your consciousness. I’d like you to do the following: Ask yourself what you are choosing to be conscious of, how that is affecting your mind, and how you might spend your consciousness more wisely. Your consciousness is a commodity; a commodity more valuable than gold. Save it. Spend it wisely. Invest in yourself. And never let anyone steal it from you.

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