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It takes willpower & discipline to form good habits

As you know it takes willpower, discipline, and good habits to really get the most out of life. All three of these things work together and while this may sound simple, it is not always that easy.

When you have the willpower you will find it easier to commit to performing a certain task. You may have set yourself goals that you want to meet. Willpower does not come naturally and it takes time, effort, and self-control to use effectively.

The thing with willpower is that you do not always see your results immediately. This can be a little daunting to some people, you are putting in the hard work without seeing any results. This can easily make you feel like giving up.

Willpower includes self-discipline which must be sustained in order to reach your goals. A great example of this is weight loss and exercise. You have to eat healthily and exercise regularly to achieve results.

The best way to form a good habit is by repeating the task or activity over and over again. The more you do something the easier it becomes. You stop viewing it as a chore and accept it as part of your normal routine.

This same principle applies to breaking bad habits. It takes lots of repetition to stop smoking for example or to cut out sugar. You need your willpower and your discipline to reach your goals.

When you repeat something you are creating a new routine. When your new routine becomes second nature, then you have formed a good habit. This doesn’t always have to take that long either. If you are determined to form a new habit you can do so in as little as 21 days.

Another ingredient to help you form and keep your good habits is that of motivation. You require motivation to develop willpower and to stay disciplined. There are many modes of motivation. You may be told by your doctor that unless you quit smoking you will develop lung cancer. Or if you don’t change your diet you will most likely suffer a heart attack. This type of motivation can be viewed almost as a threat.

The other type of motivation is when you have the desire to change, it comes from deep within you. Once you have this type of motivation your willpower and discipline levels will increase. As you start your journey you will find that nothing can stop you, you are totally focused on your end goal. That is forming a new, lifelong habit.

Making a few GOOD decisions, acting boldly, and finding a mentor are just a few of the things you can do to unlock your potential. Make today the day you start living at your highest level. What are you waiting for?

Today is the day you can begin to hold yourself responsible in all areas of your life. Be accountable to yourself and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

Learn from your past and then move on. Forgive everyone and yourself. There’s plenty of life left to be lived. Book your free breakthrough session to help get your life back on track.

Akiliflow provides culturally centered coaching and courses with tools designed to help you tackle your work and your life.

​It's time you gained balance to achieve the peace and clarity needed to reach your goals!

Demetrius Irick, is the Co-Founder of Akiliflow, a Certified Executive Life Coach, Meditation Coach, and Author. Considered an agent for change, Demetrius has coached, developed, and built strong executives and management teams for fortune 500 & 100 companies to include: Barnes & Nobles, DTLR, Inc. Sprint, Footlocker, and others. Demetrius guarantees you’ll gain a healthy accountability partner, focus, and the insight you need to reach the results you deserve.


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