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Meditation for Black Women

Meditation for Black Women- the reason to adopt the regular practice and your guide

What is the easiest yet the most effective way to win over stress and strain? How can you maintain peace and happiness in the course of daily life, overcoming the challenges that life throws at you? Well, it is all about controlling your mind and keeping yourself healthy. If things have to go that way, you need to start a regular meditation practice daily. Doing so, you can certainly make your life all the more exciting and enjoyable, living life to the fullest. Within a fair extent of time, you will experience a significant rise in the quality of your life.

Why you should adopt daily meditation practice?

Starting something new as a regular regime always involves facing challenges in adapting to the task. For instance starting that regular gym session, your mind will always tempt you not to opt for the regular session the same rings true for meditation sessions. In such instances, if you are fully aware of the benefits that the process fetches, you will be able to motivate yourself better. As such, it makes sense to discuss some of the key benefits of adopting meditation practices regularly:

  1. Blood pressure level stabilizes within a significant period. it is for this reason that, physicians advise the practice of meditation daily to individuals, having abnormally high or lower than usual blood pressure level.

  2. Comes an improvement upon the blood circulation function. This will make you more agile and active.

  3. The respiratory rate drops down extending the span of life.

  4. Produces deep relaxation

  5. Lower stress and strain

  6. Promotes a feeling of well being

On the whole, practicing meditation daily, even for a few minutes, you will achieve a significant improvement upon your physical and mental health, making life all the more pleasant and enjoyable.

Beginners Guide- some of the most effective meditation practices to start

  1. MINDFULNESS Concentration: this practice encourages the observation of the wandering thoughts as the practitioner would overview the mind drifting from one thought to another. But, the practitioner should not get involved in any of these thoughts or trying to judge or justifying the thoughts. Through this process, a practitioner needs to observe the different patterns of thoughts and their integration. Most importantly, the practitioner learns the trick to separate himself/herself from the thoughts, gaining more control over the mental plane. This way, he/she acquires a better capacity to control the mind and eventually wins over stress and strain.

  2. Concentration Meditation: the objective of this process is to focus upon a single point. The key excerpt of the process is to follow the breath, chanting a key phrase time after time, or starting over a candle flame, or any other methods to concentrate on a single point. As you can make it from the name itself, the objective of this technique is to enhance the concentration capacity. If practiced daily, within a fair extent of time, you can expect to acquire better concentration capacities and improved mindfulness.

In addition to the techniques stated above, there can be innumerable other approaches for practicing meditation. Most importantly, you need to explore the technique that is most suitable for you and you face no issues in adopting the technique. Practicing meditation daily in the right manner will certainly bring improvements upon the quality of your life, boosting your physical and mental health alike. Within a fair extent of time, you will observe that you have acquired the capacity to control your mind better, handling stress better and thus, living a happy and healthy life.


Tricks and tips for meditation

  1. Always sit or lie down in an upright and comfortable position, when you start a meditation practice. It will be worthy to use resources like meditation chairs or meditation mats during the initial days.

  2. Beginners can likely opt for resources like Restorative eye pillows or Cooling eye masks.

  3. It will be a better approach to breathe naturally rather than trying hard to control the breath. Doing so, you often turn your senses and nerves more excited that emerges as the most stringent barrier in the path of meditation practice.

  4. You need to focus on patterns of your thoughts, breathing and the way your body moves. Never ever take any superficial approach to control the body, mind, or your breath.

  5. Especially for beginners, it will be wise to practice meditation in the dark.

  6. Maintain a fixed time to sit for meditation practice.

Following these tricks and tips, it will become easier for you to adopt meditation practices better and enjoy the practice to the optimum extent. You will find that your life has become easier and pleasant, as you continue the daily practice. If you are yet to start, you should do that right now!!


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