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National Garden Meditation Day

National Garden Meditation Day, created for you to relax and think of yourself. Ideally, you would work in the garden, tend to the plants and flowers, or rest quietly in a garden as a form of meditation. Gardening and mediating can both be restorative to the soul. Meditation and gardening offer many benefits. When you couple it with the outdoor peace of a garden, you also get to enjoy the benefits nature has to offer.

  1. Fresh air – Immediately we benefit from being in the fresh air.

  2. Audio therapy – Natural sounds of the birds, a water fountain, or a breeze through the trees offer a reprisal from the everyday chaos of the television, radio, and other appliances indoors.

  3. Eases pain – The physical activity of gardening helps to loosen joints and stretch muscles. However, meditation alone also helps to reduce pain.

  4. Vitamin D – A natural dose (though limited) dose of the sun’s bounty keeps us healthy and strong. Do wear sunblock or protective wear to reduce your risk of overexposure.

  5. Improve sleep – Rest better by communing with nature. Whether you spend time pulling weeds or focusing your thoughts among the flowers, sleep will come more easily.

  6. Ease anxiety – Worries begin to evaporate as our muscles relax, and we take deeper slower breaths. The exercise of gardening also allows us to forget about our worldly concerns for a while.

Get out and get some fresh air today.

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