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Our Kids need Meditation today

Pupils meditating on classroom desks

The system of white supremacy has adults and children alike spinning trying to numb their pain through drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and anything else they can get their hands on. The need to avoid dealing with life and the true meaning it possesses goes unsolved as we walk aimlessly around searching for the meaning of our lives. The homicide rates of teens between the ages of 15-19 were about 8.9 out of 100,000 people in the year 2017, an increase of almost 30% in the comparison between 2007-2014. Alex Crosby, a chief medical officer at the CDC, told CBS News that it’s impossible to nail down any single factor that might be causing the increase in violent deaths among young people.

The pressure and need to fit into the social norms of today has our youth with less physical social skills. The pressure of living up to Hollywood, Celebrities and other star-studded individuals has given our children a false sense of security and reality. I believe these pressures have our kids committing suicide at an alarming rate. Our children are in desperate need of a tool that will equip them with the inner strength, focus, and determination to succeed in life. The art of meditation will provide your child with a great foundation for a strong mental fortitude needed to compete in today’s fast pace society. Meditation will provide them a strong base for a healthy life. Whether it’s five minutes at home, a class offered at your school or quiet time alone in your car meditation has been proven to make a drastic difference in the lives of its participants.

Good parenting is not just about giving your child a materialistic lifestyle. Rather, it is more important to orient your child with the healthiest lifestyle practices to establish the proper behaviors that will grant them the ability to reach the best version of themselves. The benefits are countless but three simple outcomes of a good meditation class for your child will produce the following:

  1. You may expect your child to become more organized.

  2. Expect a sharp improvement in concentration and cognitive ability.

  3. You are likely to find your child to have higher mindfulness attention

So, starting meditation practices early, you are basically supporting your child to become more of a person of substance. It’s my experience that meditation will certainly establish you as a caring parent who is truly concerned about the holistic improvement and development of your child.

The top schools from all around the globe are including meditation classes within their Co-curricular and after-school activities. This establishes the fact that meditation practices can certainly make childhood days sweeter and more pleasant. The growth and acceptance of mindfulness as a society has made it more acceptable to adults and students alike. The steps t becoming a healthy young adult begins with a knowledge and understanding of our individual self.

If you can do something in securing your child’s future, the best thing would be to provide him/her with a quality lifestyle. Meditation practices are the most effective way to accomplish this objective with little or “NO” cost. Take the first step and sign up for our free class…

Source: CBS NEWS (accessed 12/9/19)

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