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An Orangeburg, SC native, Demetrius Irick sought after the "street life" which included drugs and sometimes violence to build his reputation. His strong desire to be accepted amongst his youth led to Demetrius making poor decisions with unforeseen consequences, yet to face. By age 23, he was facing a four year sentence and now questioning his fate.

The constant prayers of his family helped to foster Demetrius' renewed faith in God. Through Him, Demetrius was on the verge of living a more productive life once out. After being released in 1999, Demetrius was eager to be a living example for others to follow.

Through his determination and the strong influence from his wife of twelve years, Demetrius is currently the District Manager of a popular retailer. In addition, he and his wife are the authors of his memoir titled, "I'm Finally A Man, A Husband's Journey to Manhood" published in July 2012. He continues to inspire those whom he comes in contact by ministering through the church and sharing his story, to promote the book he and his wife have written.

I'm Finally a Man, A Husband's Journey to Manhood

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