This book was created with one goal in mind and that’s to change your life using the art of meditation. Meditation has been around for thousands of years and the benefits are documented in countless scientific sources. The health benefits include lowering blood pressure, better concentration, slowing down dementia, reduced stress & anxiety, depression and the list go on & on. Although, meditation does have some religious affiliation it’s not solely a religious thing. Meditation will not conflict with your religious belief but it will enhance anyone’s spiritual practice.


If you want to have a solid meditation practice, you have to do the work. In this book, your coach Demetrius Irick presents informative guidance on the best techniques, history, and meditation exploration for beginners. We explore the journey with a different technique for each week with clear, step-by-step instructions on building your practice. The meditative practices presented in this book will give you peace, serenity, better sleep, and reduce the stress or anxiety plaguing most humans in our fast-paced world. Meditation is great for leaders, mothers, executives, and anyone in between. This book offers down-to-earth information to benefit newcomers and experienced meditators alike. If you are ready to be at peace with your thoughts, engage in a quick meditation so you can enjoy the immediate effects of this practice .



Meditation for Beginners Journal